public update

so i put new gauges in my ears. 14s in the second hole (not a big deal at all since i was switching between 14s and 16s) and i put 16s in my first hole which hurts like hell. The largest gauge they have had is 22 >.< whatever. They are pretty earrings and look bad ass. lol. The ones in the first holes are powder blue (left) and powder pink (right) that twist around my ear. The others are a shiny silver with spike ends because i didn't want to fiddle with the octagons i got. Thought these would stay in better on vacation too.

Can't wait to go mudding with Todd! **woot** Looks to be a good fun vacation. Leaving in a week. I have monday and tuesday off if you wanna see me before i go.

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they lost my $200 sword. lost it. have no idea what happened to it. -_- have no idea what to do about it now because they lost the order. ugh

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fed ducks today. had fed ducks. many duck. so many ducks. some even went "peep peep peep". it was awesome. Got neville his gift, got myself a new green guinness hat with a bottle opener on the brim, christmas dinner and a crap load of other practical things.

I'm so tired. z_z

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there is a good 17 inches of snow in my yard. it is amazing. i have to wear snow pants to go outside. ^_^ So happy to have been playing outside. Going to work on making my Christmas tree more awesome (the one in my room). putting a 50 count light string on it instead of 30, putting some ornaments on it and i need to make a better star for the top. maybe something NBC themed.

First public update in a while

So this is my first non-friends only update in a while. The bank job is done with. Thank god. It was driving me crazy working 45 hours a week along with school and my ann taylor job. Gonna miss that $500 paycheck but w/e. i'll survive.

Passed my first semester of graduate school. I wrote about 80 pages of research papers for the week of finals. That is f*ing insane. Pushed myself a little hard but who really cares. I'm thinking I might start a thesis paper on the PTSD of WWI nurses based upon the letters they sent home and accounts of their families. It is an amazing topic to research and is quite thrilling. I did my web based research project on it and want to keep going. yes I know i'm a nerd. You all can suck it if you don't like it. lol. I'm going to get my Ph.D. I learned soooo much this semester. I was exposed to a huge amount of new fields of research in the relm of history and learned that although sociology is an important thing to look at, i'm not good at it. A B- is not a good final grade.

MARRS is going strong. I'm really excited and proud. I can't wait to get back and start planning events and promoting the hell outta the club. The SCA is proud of what we are doing. Hell the SCA is proud of me. Me. Little old me. People i have never met know who I am or at least that I am the Baronial Fencing Champion. Do you know how weird that is? To be out in a book store and have this couple come over to shake your hand and congratulate you on winning and being so new and young? it's crazy. Also, I love the SCA. I love the events and how fun everyone is. I totally feel like I fit in and it's a tax write off if I feel like it because it is historical research. I'm going to start work on my new blue dress for events. Have to start looking good if i'm going to be in the court. Saving up money to go to Pensic and my sword should be coming in the mail soon ^_^

Ann Taylor job is going well. I really love it. Love the people I work with. I'm getting good hours and really there isn't much to say about it. It's awesome. I love LJ as the store manager. I also won a $50 gift card so yea... :D

I hope to get a tattoo soon. Not the one i originally wanted because i think i should start small. Plus the one i really want is going to hurt like hell to get so i need to work up to it. >.<

I'm actually in the christmas spirtit this year. I have my own mini tree in my room with lights and i'm going to make some ornaments to go on it. I'm hoping for snow, i really am.

relationship wise, if you aren't a friend, you don't get an update. you can ask me to add you to see what's up.

My thumb is getting better. I still have to wear a brace when i go out in public or want to do anything. Working on something for when fencing starts back up again. I can not wait to get back to work.

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Can we get a beer tonight after my shift? Please?! Also Patty's sister came to visit the bank. She has a baby boxer puppy who is like 8 weeks old. My job was to entertain the puppy. no joke. for like 20 mins I got paid to play with a puppy.